13th February 2016

With Jake and Tav.

Continuing with the extension of the “motorway to Merlin’s”, Tav at the sharp end forging ahead while my task was to clear the bags to Jake on the haul and shuttle run. What used to be a flat out wriggle up to Merlin’s is now hands and knees crawling and is 2 metres wide in places. We are still working our way to the right in an effort to try and avoid the best formations. Tav detected some air movement coming from the space ahead. As Tav filled the bags and rolled back cobbles and boulders I was scraping away the residual sediment to reveal the rock floor below. Meanwhile Jake was shifting the bags and rocks to the entrance, every now and then the sound of the large slab of rock being reduced in size by some mighty swings of the sledge hammer – the rock eventually succumbed! 40 bags filled and stacked in the entrance it was time to clear all out to the surface. About 50 loads is enough to haul up the shaft, the heavier rocks moved first and then the bags, at the end of hauling the bags are emptied and hung up on the lines. then down the hill to the farm although I had to return and pick up the key I had left behind. All changed it was up to the Hunter’s Lodge Inn for refreshment and debriefing. Another marvellous mornings work.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist