20th February 2016

With Tav.

Just the two of us today and not really an idea of how much it would be possible to shift. We changed at the farm in the swanky facilities there and took up some of the bright new bags supplied by that very nice man, Duncan Price. The digging, as always is the easy bit, it’s the removal of the spoil that proves to be tougher. Anyway we settled into a good rhythm and before we realised it three dozen bags were filled along with a small number of rocks. I was at the front end digging and filling bags while Tav was scraping away the residual sediment and stashing the bags to one side. When half a dozen were filled we moved back a notch and the bags were shifted along to the entrance, this routine was then repeated until our quota was met. Then comes the hardest part with just the two of us, hauling the spoil out to the surface, not good for the back but Tav stoically completed the task, then all we had to do then was empty the bags. The result was that we were rather late on parade at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn for our debrief, but it had been a satisfying morning’s session.

While underground and before getting too mucky we shot some more short vid’ lengths. These have been edited to produce for your delight and amusement a short video nasty ‘Motorway to Merlin’s’

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist