11th June 2016

With Nick Hawkes and Matt Tuck.

Really good to see Matt re-join the fray, the last log entry I can find is dated 25/01/1992. Mind you Matt has spent most of the that gap based overseas.

Anyway I digress, back to the job in hand. Nick went to the dig face while Matt went to clear the bags from him, including those I had filled last weekend. I did the long haul back and shuttled spoil to the bottom of the entrance. Access to the West Series at the moment is blocked by a wall of rocks still waiting to be hauled out to the surface. Matt’s shiny new kit was now slightly soiled and he appeared rather warm. The cave is drying out nicely now so definitely more suitable for lightweight cotton overalls than cordura oversuit.

At the end of the digging session we moved back to clear the accumulated spoil up to the surface, first the bags – didn’t think to count how many but it was certainly well over 30, then a slight reduction of the pile of rocks. On the surface the bags were emptied on to the ever burgeoning spoil heap. The retaining wall now requires some further expansion, there is a ready supply of rocks unfortunately they are still below ground. Another job that awaits a full team, at least that team has grown by one.

To the pub!

Author: mendipgeoarch

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