9th October 2016

With Jake and Nick.

Jake doing the digging, Nick clearing back and loading the skip, my turn on the haul and shuttle, it was relentless and very warm and sweaty work. By the end of the digging session I had to climb nearly out of the entrance to add more spoil to the stockpile that was awaiting removal to the surface. I didn’t have any time to break up the larger boulders and these are lined up at the bottom of the pile. It would appear that Tuesdays effort had been a success.

After the rush I went along to the end to see what further rock engineering was required. It’s getting steadily deeper and longer at the current end of Merlin’s. We could still excavate loose sediment from the base of the dig but more widening is necessary and there is a large flake of rock impeding downward progress.

21 bags were removed and emptied on the surface, but time was moving on and it’s early closing on a Sunday at the Hunter’s. As a consequence much of the spoil remains stacked in the entrance and will be removed, probably on Tuesday evening when Jake and Tav, possibly Nick intend to accompany me and clear out while I drill.

Another excellent session!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist