11th October 2016

With Tav and Jake, later joined by Nick who had been delayed by a late train.

While I planned to apply some rock engineering to the end the rest of the team were to set about clearing the remaining spoil from Sunday’s session. Tav gave me a hand to carry the kit up to Merlin’s before returning to the entrance.

7no. holes drilled – 3no. either side if the rift and 1no. in a large rock flake in the floor. Tav returned just as I was charging the last hole so I packed away the drill and he took that out for me. That left me to tidy up the loose end and connect the wires then I made my way out laying the wire as I went. All was brought to a satisfactory conclusion, the entrance clear of spoil we made our way down the hill to the farm, followed by the usual debrief at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn.

There will be more rubble to shift at the weekend.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist