15th October 2016

With Nick, Tav and Jake.

As we walked up to the cave I joked “Nick have you walked all the way up here without your hat”…only to realise that I had done exactly that! Jake saved my embarrassment by lending me his hat as he was on surface duties this weekend.

At the end there was plenty of rubble to shift. Nick was digging, I was clearing back loading the skips, Tav on the haul and shuttle, Jake on the surface in the warm October sunshine building walls. It was warm work and the progress is quite impressive, the rift is c.4.0-4.5m deep, c.4m length and heading north as well as downwards, there is air movement. At the end of the session there is a small gap under the left (west) wall that appears to continue north. Some more rock engineering is required.

72no. skip loads to the surface comprising bags and rock, including some rather large boulders that wouldn’t succumb to the sledge, about 15kg per load – well work it out for yourselves!

Pub time.

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