3rd December 2016

With Jake, Tav and Nick.

Three ventured to the end of Merlin’s; Jake digging, Nick hauling up the slope and Tav loading the skip. ‘Billy No Mates’ was left behind on the haul and shuttle where the feint sound of friendly banter coming from the end was just about audible, too distant for ‘Billy’ to take part.

‘Billy’ had to make his own entertainment and set about constructing a ‘Tower of Power’ leading up towards the light. There is an impressive stack of bags and rock in the entrance that reaches the ledge just below the gate. Getting the last few bags to the top required some effort.

Eventually, the three returned from the end bringing with them the ‘holy’ rock, and the four were reunited. The ‘tower’ was to be left until Tuesday evening when it will be de-constructed and the bags spread upon the heap of spoil. More bags will probably be filled too.

The four then left the cave to gaze in awe at the ‘holy’ rock in a place of reverence high on the enchanted hill. The rock type is still a matter of discussion to be concluded later when it will be cut in half to reveal its inner secrets.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist