6th December 2016

With Nick, Tav and Jake.

I was dispatched to the end to fill more bags while the others cleared the bags left from Saturday – I sense a theme going on here!

At the end, I cleared away the last large deposit of sediment from the base of the rift before working to the west and forward. It wasn’t too long before Jake arrived to start clearing the backlog of bags and, there were some rocks. The way forward looks tantalising but some rock engineering will need to be applied beforehand, still plenty of sediment to dig though.

Whilst bags were being filled Nick decided to drop down the pot and go along Toil and Trouble to the T Junction and beyond to see if we could establish an audible connection, we couldn’t so we were satisfied with that outcome.

It was all to soon time to clear out the filled bags and rocks to the surface. It had been a productive evening; earlier 84 skip loads of bags and rock had been hauled out followed by tonight’s effort of a further 26 skip loads, a total of 110 loads out to the surface.

At the Hunter’s a token gesture towards the festive season was a few rounds of spoof to fill the Christmas draw sheet.

The rock! Well, that turned out to be limestone with an oxidised coating.

Author: mendipgeoarch

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