5th January 2017

With Jake and Tav.

On arrival at the current end of Merlin’s, it was evident that Tuesday evening’s effort had been successful and there was a pile of rock to shift before any drilling could be done. I passed the larger lumps of rock back to Jake, the biggest of these were then reduced to skip size with the sledge hammer. Tav was at the top of the slope, hauling up the skip and stockpiling the rocks and bags. I pushed much of the smaller cobbles and gravel to one side, this will be bagged later. probably on the weekend. Ahead, the passage looks caveable and we should be able to gain access on Saturday.

When enough space was cleared to drill, Jake and Tav began to move the spoil stockpile to the entrance. Six holes were drilled, charged and well stemmed. As I was about to lay out the wire Tav and Jake were just about clear, so good timing.

Everything was brought to a satisfactory conclusion and we were all done for the evening. It will be a very busy morning on Saturday.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist