10th January 2017

With Tav and Nick.

Tav went along to the end to have a look and to take some bearings, while Nick and I busied ourselves clearing some of the backlog of spoil in the entrance.

When Tav returned, there followed some discussion. The fissure we followed from the bottom of the rift [pot], as we thought, heads west and the lead we accessed is trending north-northeast, which is just what we wanted.

We decided to all go up to the end and clear the bags that were stashed there. After some persistent rain yesterday, there are drips in several places and the passages have become lubricated, this does make the skips progress easier, but it is becoming muddier.

When the bags and rock were cleared from the end, it was back to the entrance and cleared that; 50 bags and about 80 loads of rock in total to the surface.

We needed some refreshment!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist