13th May 2017

With Jake, Brocker’s, Tav, Nick, Matt and Jonathon.

A good strong crew today. Nick clearing the debris and digging, Jonathon was in the ‘Tuck Shop’, I was at the top of the slope, Matt was hauling from Stal’ Bend, Tav shuttling to and fro, Jake and Brocker’s were on the surface pulling the skips up the entrance shaft and wall building.

48 bags of sediment and 24 skip loads of rock were removed from the cave. IRS had done its bit.

At the end, the small gap between the roof and sediment can be seen to continue. There is a layer of red-brown silt c.200mm thickness overlying calcite flowstone c.250mm thickness, this in turn, overlies dolomitic conglomerate. The flowstone is in layers indicating it has formed during a succession of events. the contact between each of the layers appears “dirty” and the upper surface is rippled. The flowstone is pale yellow-brown in colour.

There is a need for more rapid expansion to aid further progress, I will try and arrange something during the coming week.

But, it was time for the pub!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist