20th May 2017

I was on a jolly for the weekend, attending a British Cave Research Association (BCRA) field meeting exploring and discussing the caves and karst of the Gower Peninsula, Wales.

A plucky band of stalwarts kept up the good work at Hallowe’en Rift, here is Tav’s report:

“John, Matt, Tav, Jake.

Digging by John, then Tav, with brief cameo from Jake, revolving around Matt in the Tuck Shop. 50 odd loads stacked in the entrance waiting for clearance on Tuesday?

All bang debris removed plus one large slab of calcite from floor and one large lump of roof from the end. Way on is more visible. It does not turn right, or enlarge much, but continues low and straight ahead – perilously close to the entrance series. No bang needed yet but capping gear may be needed for one remaining and very big calcite slab still in floor. Best bet for Tuesday would seem to be to send someone up the end to deal with the slab while others clear. The slab may well come out without capping once more earth is cleared from the top”.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist