23rd May 2017

With Jake, Tav and Nick.

Took the capping gear along, as requested, to deal with the obstructing lump of flowstone at the current end. Nick helped to carry the kit to the end, while Jake and Tav set about clearing the stack of spoil left at the entrance on Saturday.

About half-hour of digging round the obstruction, some bar work, we managed to ease the calcite blockage out of the way and rolled back to the Tuck Shop. I got the capping gear into action, Nick carried on filling bags. When the rocks at the Tuck Shop had been reduced to a pile of rubble, it was time to clear the filled bags out. Jake and Tav had come to the end and a quick re-positioning, the spoil was duly removed. A total of 68 loads, including Saturdays, were cleared to the surface. It was a warm evening, pub time.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist