2nd September 2017

With Jake, Jonathon and Tav.

Jake in the Tuck Shop, I was on top of the slope, Jonathon on the haul and shuttle, Tav opted for surface duty. Last week’s bags were cleared from the entrance, followed by the rocks left in the Tuck Shop.

When the debris was cleared, a discussion ensued regarding the best spot to engineer a connection to the ‘Lower Series’. The recent survey made this clearer and a likely spot was chosen. Jake set-about digging away some loose sediment and rocks, then re-located a small ‘stal boss’ in a new position. Meanwhile, I went down into the ‘Lower Series’, beyond T-Junction, to try another voice connection. It was clear and a conversation could take place, there isn’t a light connection possible, at present. I spent a short time scratching away at the potential way forward, where there is a small air-space over the top of the sediment, generally in the direction we want to go.

No-one else ventured along Toil and Trouble, I had a quick jaunt towards Trick or Treat, but decided against the muddy, wet puddle, no spare, dry ‘shreddies’ being my feeble excuse. I joined the team on the surface and we had a quick discourse regarding the plan. I will order the necessary supplies and attend to matters during the coming week.

An earlier visit to the Hunter’s Lodge Inn than anticipated.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist