2nd November 2017

A strong team assembled this evening with Jake, Brockers, Nick, Tav, Jonathon, Duncan, and a guest digger, Mike Moxon.

As one journey ends, then, ‘Another Emotional Journey’ begins.

I went straight to the end to check the effects of the IRS, all good, so headed back-out to the surface. Tav did the rock clearing and digging, assisted by Mike and Jonathon; Nick was at the top of the slope on spoil distribution; Duncan at Stal Bend, hauling, Brockers shuttling the spoil to the entrance. I had joined Jake on the surface and hauled-out the loaded skips, while Jake took care of materials dispersal. The steady flow of bags and rocks meant that there wasn’t much time for wall building, a job, much better carried-out in the daylight anyway.

A total of 67 loads came-up to the surface, 39 bags and 28 loads of rock. A good evening’s work.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist