4th November 2017

With Jonathon, Nick and Jake.

Unfortunately, after some heavy rain through the night and early morning, a section of the spoil heap wall has slumped down. This was thought likely to have been caused by the burial of two old skips, possibly filling with water. Anyway, it will be sorted when it has dried out a bit.

Underground, Jonathon forged ahead to take on the digging duties, hot on his heels was Nick, to offer some assistance, Jake took up position at the top of the slope, I was on haul and shuttle, the spoil stacked in the entrance for removal another day.

So much for a “quieter” digging session expanding into Another Emotional Journey, I was in non-stop action, haul, shuttle, stack, haul, shuttle, stack… The result of the mornings effort, 60-70 skip loads stashed in the entrance and another 20 or so still on top of the slope. There must be plenty of space in the dig now.

The refreshments at the Hunter’s, were particularly enjoyable today.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist