11th November 2017

With Jake, Jonathon, Brockers and Tav.

More heavy rain, another section of spoil-heap wall has collapsed. We’ll have a wall-sorting session when it dries-up a bit.

In the cave, there are plenty of drips forming several puddles, at least the passage of skips will be well lubricated.

Jake started on Another Emotional Journey, loosening the spoil with a mattock, then shovelling it into bags. I was on the slippery slope, hauling the filled bags and occasional rock from Jake, up to Jon, on top of the slippery slope. Brockers was hauling and shuttling the spoil to Tav, on the surface.

Seventy-four loads were hauled out to the surface, 65 filled bags and 9 skip-loads of rock. Some of the bags were not so easy to empty, now that the sediment has become claggy. Still, another good session and still plenty more to come.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist