9th November 2017

Another fine team assembled on a Thursday evening. With Jake, Jonathon, Nick, Tav, Brockers, Duncan and Mike.

The initial plan was to clear-out the bags and rocks left underground last Saturday, and to start sorting the slumped wall, but there was collusion.

Jake started on the re-construction works, I headed-off underground, to clear the spoil left on top of the slope, and to look at a ‘bulge’ of rock that could be removed. Brockers and Nick followed me below, to do the haul and shuttling, the rest of the team were clearing the entrance and sorting the bags, or so it was assumed.

I heard whispering, “…entrance is nearly cleared…they don’t need any more people on the surface…you go up and dig, Nick”. So, Nick and Brockers came-up to dig.

At the end of the session, upon exiting the cave, there was a surprise on the surface, the bags weren’t emptied. Jonathon had been abandoned, left to haul 120 loads up to the surface alone, 105 bags and 15 skip-loads of rock – a stoic effort. Then, a melee, as the bags were duly emptied and counted, ready for the weekend. Much banter ensued.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist