5th May 2018

With Brockers, Jonathon, Alex and Duncan.

As our guest of honour, Duncy got to go
upfront and dig, assisted by Jon, Alex went to the slope, Brockers on the haul
and shuttle and I was on the surface again.

Duncan supplied some insect repellent that
proved to be very effective. It was warm on the surface and there were plenty
of midges and other flying insects but, none bothered me. I managed to get a
good bit of walling done in between hauling and emptying bags, any rocks were
added to the construction too. It was peaceful and rather pleasant on the
surface in the warm sunshine, the leaves now bursting open, a vibrant green,
the birds were singing.

Soon though the session was over, 60 bags had
been emptied, 11 skip-loads of rock added to the wall. It was thirsty work and
refreshments were eagerly anticipated, time for the Hunter’s.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist