28th April 2018

With Jake, Nick, Jonathon and Alex.

After missing a digging session last weekend,
due to a variety of reasons, the team re-assembled to return to the fray.

Jake upfront digging aided by Nick, Jonathon
was on the slope clearing away the filled bags and rocks, loading them into the
skip at the top of the slope to Alex, on the haul and shuttle. After doing the
digging last session, it was my turn on the surface.

I had mistakenly thought that the cooler
weather recently would result in an absence of midges, I was wrong, in the
shelter of the woods, the entrance to HR seems to have its own micro-climate,
it was still and warm, and there were midges, lots of them. That aside, I did
manage to get some rocks added to the wall before the flow of bags and rocks
from below ground became a bit too regular. The task of hauling the spoil up
the entrance wasn’t made any easier by the claggy, slippery rope.

Today’s total count was 73 loads out to the surface;
64 bags were emptied and 9 loads of rocks, most of which had been added to the wall,
some interesting pieces were put to one side for examination later.

Another productive digging session.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist