As previously mentioned, the title “Up the
Garden Path” has been used elsewhere, in line with some recent correspondences,
Jake has suggested the name “The EGO has landed!”.

Duncan and Naomi’s wedding today. Only
Jonathon and Alex were available to keep up the good work in Hallowe’en Rift. Alex
penned the following summary (edited):

“A diminished but strong team today. It was
initially quite warm underground with little sign of the draught. This was to

Jon and Alex went to the new chamber “The EGO
has landed!” and discussed what best to do. The advice of the sage elders was
ignored, the feckless youths deciding to follow their senses, the draught, and
the moon milk instead! Therefore, Jon started to dig out the floor of the pot,
whilst Alex broke up the boulders from the previous session. Once the boulders
were removed, Jon continued to dig downwards in the pot, and Alex retreated to
the original rift chamber to haul and stack the spoil Jon was removing; Whilst
in between loads, battering the calcite boulder that impinges on the new skip
run. As Jon removed spoil from the pot, the draught returned, and the air
became distinctly chilly again.

After digging ceased, Alex returned to the
chamber to find that at the bottom of the pot, Jon had uncovered a strongly
draughting bedding plane appearing to head due north. 2-3 inches of airspace is
extant in the bedding and it appears to be filled with small rocks, formerly
bedded stal and gravel. This is probably the best prospect for now?

20bags and five skip loads of rocks were
removed to the surface.”