18th August 2018

I was away this weekend assisting with a cave
exploration on the Gower Peninsula. However, other team members kept up the
good work. The following summaries by Tav and Nick, respectively:

“Nick, Jon, Mike, Dunc, Tav

Dunc & Tav continued the survey,
completing the section below the Tuck Shop, Another Emotional Journey and the
links to the Lower Series and everything upstream as far as the breakthrough
into An Unexpected Development. The only section left to do is the upstream
part of An Unexpected Development, the pitch and the side Annexe Chamber, which
we visited but did not survey.

Meanwhile Nick, Jon and Mike continued with
the dig and walling.

A chilled and productive session.”

“Three retaining walls started, one at the
base and two further up slope to attempt to stem the tide of scree that is
trying to roll down, also to provide stacking space for spoil. All would
probably be improved with a bit of cementing.

Only a few skip loads came out of the dig
itself which would benefit from a proper skip and short rope system. Struggling
to feel a draft at the end which is a tad worrisome, but this may be due to
increasing mud content between the rocks.”

Some observations regarding speleogenesis
were made and have been noted.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist