1st September 2018

With Jonathon and Tav

A small, but sufficient, team today. On the
way to An Unexpected Development, I climbed down into the Tuck Shop to free a
hauling rope jammed under a rock and tidy away another of the old skips ready
for removal later. When I arrived at the rift, Tav was busy clearing some loose
debris from around the jammed boulder. A lengthy discussion ensued regarding
the stability of the boulder ensued, the outcome was it is fine, but we could
do something to make it even safer sometime in the, not too distant, future. At
the bottom of the rift, Jon got on with digging, me and Tav hauled and emptied
the skip, a large rock was hauled out too. We finished digging a bit early as
Tav wanted to remove an obstruction in the low passage leading to the old digs
to the south-west of the entrance. After a joint effort, hammering,
chiselling and barring, the obstruction was removed. The will allow water to
drain more freely along the passage when it gets wet again. There is a plan for
a mid-week dig here when the dig in Wookey 20 becomes flooded or too wet.

It was noted that there are a lot of Tissue
moths in the cave, near the entrance, didn’t notice any Heralds though.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist