14th September 2019

Vince, Tav, Duncan, Jon and Jake.

Met up with Tav and Duncan at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn at the usual time, 10:00. Jon cycled to the farm as he’s carless – something about pheasants and windscreens. Jake later joined us underground.

The bang did good! We were greeted by a considerable pile of fractured rock and gravel. The larger lumps of rock were reduced to more manageable pieces, the gravel was put into bags and the spoil made its way to be temporarily stashed in the ‘lake’ chamber. The loose material had been removed, some hammer and chisel work cleared the fractured material from the roof. It had taken quite a while to clear the debris so only the bags of gravel made it out to the surface, the rocks remain. We plan to return on Tuesday evening for a rock removal session, also another application of IRS. It’s all starting to come together. Happy days!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist