17th September 2019

Vince, Jake, Jon and Tav.

Jake, Jon and Tav cleared the rocks that were still in the cave and did some walling on the surface. The large rocks that had accumulated around the cave entrance were used too.

Me, I made my way to the Cold Gnarly North to drill holes, 5no. (split 2no. and 3no.) pilot holes, 250mm x 14mm, then extended to 400mm x 12mm (first battery ran-out on the 5th extension). The group of 3no. holes placed on the right side of the approach to the aven were extended further to 550mm x 12mm. these were a bit problematic, the bit kept jamming, not good rock, a lot of calcite vughs, slowed the process somewhat. Eventually though all the holes were filled, tamped and wired ready to go. Both bags packed, drill bits in the tube, these were pushed ahead while I reeled out the wire. The evening’s task brought to a satisfactory conclusion at the Junction. Hopefully, there will be plenty to clear on Saturday.

The cave entrance has another replacement lock to secure it.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist