26th December 2019


The task for today was to widen the approach into the rift. This will facilitate an easier skip route and improve access for further drilling along the narrow rift. Before this plan was put into action, I unpacked my camera and took a few snaps of the features along the rift. The constricted passage made it a bit awkward to get a decent shot, took some anyway and will try again after the widening process has been completed.

Fractured and damaged speleothems, more evidence for freeze/thaw processes (?).

Then back to the job in hand, 5no. pilot holes were drilled in each location, c.250mm length x 16mm diameter, each hole extended to c.400mm length x 12mm diameter. The holes, spaced to remove several lumps and bumps, were filled, well stemmed and all wired up. Kit was repacked and all was moved back to a safe location and the morning’s session brought to a satisfactory conclusion. Rock could be heard re-positioning, there should be plenty to do on Saturday morning. Job done it was time to leave the cave.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist