28th December 2019

Vince, Duncan, Jon, Brockers, Jake and Matt (on the surface)

After reeling in the wire and a quick inspection to check all was as it should have been, Duncan went upfront and cleared back the loose debris. Vince was next in line filling bags and moving fractured rock back to Jon. A skip was loaded and hauled away by Brockers to Jake at the [temporary] end of the line. The spoil removed from the skip and stashed neatly into every available nook and cranny on the north side of the lake. When all the debris had been cleared, a quick look to formulate the next plan of action for the coming week, we all moved back to get the filled bags and rocks out of the cave.

Neither Duncan nor Jon were wearing wetsuits or neo-fleece, so Vince took the lake position again. Duncan loaded the skip on the north side of the lake, Jon in position at the corner, Brockers and Jake at the junction/entrance. Mostly things moved along okay there was the occasional spillage as an unbalanced skip load turned over and required reloading. The difficulty then was finding the right hauling rope that had sunk into the murky water.

Eventually, all the bags and rock were cleared, we made our way back to the entrance. We were all thankful that Matt had made a very timely appearance and hauled todays quota of 50 bags to the surface. It had been decided that the rocks at the bottom of the entrance could wait for another day as it was pub time. There wasn’t any argument about that.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist