1st January

Report by Vince

Vince, Jake and Brockers.

There was a bit of a moment when Jake tipped out his caving kit to find he had left his helmet at home, a detour to Dinder was required. We returned to the farm where we met a rather confused/concerned Brockers, who being late had arrived at the farm to find our kit and no sign of us. However, distractions over, we changed and made our way up the hill to the cave.

Once underground we were soon at the dig where Jake and Brockers cleared the debris. I retrieved another bag of kit ready for later in the morning and then stashed filled bags at the base of the aven, rocks were just moved aside and left in a tidy pile. The IRS had worked well and there was plenty to shift. Loose debris gone some work with hammer and chisel produced some substantial flakes of rock and calcite. Bang debris cleared, we swapped places and I was able to get a look. One more bang might enable a squeeze into the narrow rift and get a better glimpse of what lies beyond, or not. It will be interesting to see on Saturday. Back to the job in hand, more holes were drilled and filled while Jake and Brockers set about improving the skip routes by removing quite a lot of rock along the approach passage. By the end of the session a considerable pile of spoil had been amassed. It had been an enjoyable and productive session, brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

It was busy in the pub but, thankfully, not too busy to deter us from refreshment!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist