30th December 2019


Supplies collected, drove to Wells where I briefly stopped at Morrison’s and Halfords for some odds and ends, then to the farm. Materials were prepped and packed before setting off across the field, into the woods to the cave entrance. Gate opened, clambered down the entrance and headed to the Cold Gnarly North, dragging one bag behind and pushing the drill bag ahead. Took extra care across the lake to keep the drill bag out of the water. On arrival at the north west leading rift, unpacked the kit and got to work drilling and filling the required number of holes. All done, stuffed some packs of empty bags into the bottom of the rift, that had been so diligently cleaned on Saturday, to prevent in filling back up with debris. Holes well stemmed, all loose ends taped, moved back to connect the wires and start out of the cave. Stopped at a safe distance to bring the morning’s task to a satisfactory conclusion. The results will be seen on Wednesday when it is planned to return and clear the rift.

A quick stop at the Hunter’s before heading home to spend an hour or so cleaning and washing kit ready for next time.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist