29th February

Report by Vince

Vince, Jon, Brockers, Nick, Duncan and Jake.

Another bang to clear. There was a pile of gravel at the end of the rift, very few lumps of rock though, must be “soft” rock just seems to disintegrate. There was the bonus of a puddle of water to lie in too, and the trench at the start of the rift had filled with water since Tuesday. We have had quite a lot of rain recently, another storm passing over this weekend, Storm Jorge. I’m a bit disappointed with the results of the bang really, just 14 bags of gravel and a couple of large cobble-sized fragments of rock. All was cleared by mid-day. There was a brief discussion with Nick and Jon re: the possibility of opening the very narrow slit in the floor where the water from the trench was bailed into (doesn’t back-up at all). The current end of the rift appears to be quite calcited, although there is still a draught. I will ponder on this for a while, wouldn’t like to give up on the rift until a conclusion is arrived at, one way or the other.

There was also a conversation about finding somewhere else to dig to fill the time rather than going to the pub early, perhaps a return to the south-west passage is on the cards.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist