4th March 2020

Report by Vince


Stuff all prepped and ready to go, a new drill battery was delivered today, and I’ve charged that ready for use. Didn’t get underground until 19:30 this week so it was a later finish. Shouldn’t have rushed my dinner, it was now heavy in my stomach, and shouldn’t have worn a neo-fleece and long-sleeved thermal shirt. It was not a very comfortable trip.

I decided to bail the trench in the floor of the rift into the narrow slot, it didn’t drain away as quickly as expected. Bailed the puddle at the end of the narrow rift too. Continued the expansion of the narrow rift, it was, of course, awkward and always takes longer having to keep going backwards and forwards for this or that. There isn’t much room to manoeuvre. Eventually, 6no. 550mm x 12mm holes were drilled and filled, kit packed and retired to a safe distance to bring the task to a noisy conclusion.

Gave the pub a miss and headed home to sort out kit, some of it will be needed tomorrow evening for Wookey Hole.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist