4th September

With Jake, Jon, Brockers, and Tav.

Jon and Tav took the first digging shift, Jake and Brockers shuttling the spoil from the ledge to the bottom of the entrance, I was on the surface. 100 filled bags were hauled out of the cave, emptied onto the spoil heaps, and even managed to add a few rocks to the terrace wall. It was warm work, and the buzzing flies were increasingly irritating. I was glad there were none of the biting flies around.

Refreshments were enjoyed in the warm late summer sunshine.

Jake (l) and Vince (r) digging at the current base of the pot (Soft South). Photo by Brockers.
(Click on the image to open a short action film made by Brockers)

Back underground for the afternoon session. Brockers was digging with Jake but offered to swap position with me, so I ended up digging and, hauling up the spoil from the bottom of the pot. Brockers and Tav were shuttling the spoil back to the entrance, Jon was on the surface hauling out the bags and emptying them onto the spoil heap. Brockers found my camera and decided to do some filming and snap a few images. We had fun with plenty of good-humoured banter and another productive couple of digging sessions.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist