11th September

With Jake, Brockers, Jon, Tav, and Nick.

Me and Jake were on surface duties so headed up to the cave to start wall building. As the rest of the team assembled, the gate opened, Brockers and Tav set-off for the deep Soft South to commence the morning’s digging activities. Nick and Jon followed them to shuttle the spoil from the ledge back to the bottom of the entrance. Jake and I took it in turns to haul the spoil out of the cave and distribute it onto the spoil heap. In between hauling and emptying bags, wall building continued until the rock pile was used up. During the morning session about 100 bags plus rocks were added to the spoil heap (and wall).

Lunch break.

When the afternoon session got underway, Nick and Jon took over in the deep Soft South, me and Jake shuttled back and forth moving the spoil, Brockers and Tav on the surface took care of spoil disposal. Another 60 or so bags plus quite a few rocks were added to the spoil heap. At the bottom of the pot, interesting developments might be taking place…

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist