13th November

With Brockers, Jake, Nick, Jon, and Duncan

Met Brockers at the farm, 09:30, an early start to finish off installing the rungs in the pot, I had a new drill (18v) and a couple of boulders to break-up. The drill was okay and managed to reduce the rocks, or most of them to manageable pieces. The rung climb in and out of the pot done too. These tasks were ceased when the rest of the team arrived.

Jake and Nick digging, Jon on the ledge, I was at the junction, Duncan at the bottom of the entrance, Brockers up on the surface. Digging proceeded at a steady rate with a good flow of filled bags and rocks hauled out of the cave. There came a loud ‘yelp’ from below in the pot as an exceptionally large boulder decided it was time to make a bid for freedom narrowly missing Jake on the way. This boulder was eventually joined by another of equal proportion but in a more ‘controlled’ manner. They will require some effort to break-up. Now the boulders are out of the way, there appears to be an intriguing development to the east-side of the pot.

All available bags had been filled and hauled up to the surface, it was time to exit the cave and empty them and add the rocks to the wall.

Back at the farm, assistance was required to free my van from the field, an error of judgement parking in that spot!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist