20th November

With Brockers, Jake, Jon, and Nick

Earlier start for me, some large boulders to start reduction to more manageable pieces. Underground about 09:00am. The largest of the boulders was much thicker than expected and only achieved in trimming off the edges. So, concentrated my efforts on the slightly smaller rock and almost finished when Brockers turned up. Paul installed a safety rung at the edge of the ledge to provide a foothold for the bucket catcher.

The rest of the team had arrived, Jon joined me down in the pot, Brockers on the ledge, Jake at the junction with Nick temporarily storing the spoil at the bottom of the entrance.

As digging progressed the feature revealed last weekend on the east side of the pot became more interesting. An arched roof with remnants of fractured calcite formations showing up. It looks intriguing.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist