1st January

Duncan, Nick, Jon, Jake, and Brockers

First trip of the new year, many more will follow. Met Duncan at the farm, 09:30, plan was for Duncan to update the survey of the ‘pot’ in the deep Soft South. Quickly measured in a base line, then some dimensions for the pot and last night’s section line. All done just before the digging team arrived.

Duncan surveying the ‘pot’ in the deep Soft South

A brief discussion on the surface before heading underground. Jake and Brockers took on the digging duties, Duncan catching the bucket from the very slippery ledge, Jon at the junction, me at the entrance, Nick on the surface hauling out the spoil. Being on the surface was going to be the most difficult task of the day given the recent wet conditions. The hauling rope soon became caked in mud and not easy to grip firmly, the bags too were very claggy, making the rope even muddier. Suffice to say with Jake and Brockers digging bags and rock were moving through the cave at a good steady rate, no time to empty the bags. When all available bags were filled, all out to get them emptied.

Last night’s recorded section no longer exists, there are a lot of calcite fragments on the surface, much of it quite degraded.

Back at home, a lot of kit to wash and clean ready for the next trip!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist