8th January

Survey updated by Duncan, annotated by Vince, 8th January 2022.

With Jon, Nick, Brockers, and Jake

Not the most inspiring of mornings, weatherwise that is, it was very wet. Thankfully, the worst of the rain had passed by!

Me and Jon were digging, at least we would be after clearing away a mound of spoil left from last weekend, apparently it must have been the result of a “collapse” or so someone (not that far away) tried to suggest. The left (north west) side of the passage has been cleaned back to expose rock, just need to do the same on the right (south east) side. The “dig-face” continues as a sediment filled tunnel, nearly 2m high x 1.5m wide. All very intriguing. The hauling rope has become impregnated with mud, and it was wet, very difficult to keep a grip and pill the loaded bucket up to the ledge. The bags were slightly reduced in weight to compensate.

Nick was catching the loaded bucket on the slippery ledge, Brockers was at the junction and Jake stashed the spoil at the entrance. When all the available bags were filled, we made our way out to the surface to empty the bags, there was one token stone. It was mucky on the surface and there were no votes for doing it all again.

Refreshments were well-earned and enjoyed at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn. One benefit from the inclement weather is that it keeps the grockles away!

South-west facing section of the “dig-face” prior to commencement of digging activity 8th January 2022. Filled channels and displaced, fractured calcite clearly visible

Author: mendipgeoarch

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