22nd January

With Jake, Duncan, Jon, Brockers, and Nick

Jake and Duncan digging along the north-eastward trending tunnel at the bottom of the pot in the deep Soft South. Hauling the loaded skip was made easier with the liberal application of sand (from the layer at the base of the NW facing section). I was perched on the slippery ledge catching the loaded skip and transferring the load to Jon, sitting at the junction; Brockers was at the bottom of the entrance. Nick was on the surface hauling the spoil out of the cave, and he found time to empty the bags too. Top effort!

At the dig-face it was hard going, very compact and cemented fill requiring full use of the pickaxe to loosen the sediment. About 100 bags were filled (and emptied) plus quite a lot of rocks and fragmented calcite. A good, productive session. Refreshments taken at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn.

LiDAR image showing Wookey Hole (bottom left) and Hallowe’en Rift (circled).
Some nice medieval and post-medieval earthwork features too.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist