29th January

Me and Jon digging down in the deep Soft South following the NE “passage”. My first task was to position a data logger to record temperature and relative humidity, for no other reason than I am interested. At start of session: 11OC, 84.6% RH. Meanwhile, Jon was filling bags. We alternated filling bags and hauling for the rest of the session. Brockers was on the ledge, Nick at the junction, Duncan was at the base of the entrance resting his sore knee the consequence of dry slope skiing. Jake on the surface hauling up the spoil, a task not made easier by a damp and claggy rope.

Jon filling bags!

Just over 100 bags were filled and emptied onto the spoil heap along with several loads of rocks. At the end of the session: 11OC, 94.6% RH was recorded, it was noticeably ‘steamy’ when I tried to take some photos of the SW facing section of the dig-face.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist