28th May

With Brockers and Jon

A small team assembled at the cave today. At the entrance a brief discussion regarding digging strategy. It was decided that 60 bags were to be filled (20 each) then hauled out and emptied. So, we headed underground. At the bottom of the entrance, I collected 6 packs of bags (10 bags/pack) and headed down to the deep Soft South followed by Brockers and Jon, both, not wanting to be empty-handed, arrived with more bags. The digging continued at the end of the c.9m long NE passage. It all started according to plan, I filled my 20-bag quota, Brockers cleared away to Jon stashing the bags at the bottom of the pot. Brockers, of course. having to find something to occupy himself filled a few bonus bags while awaiting his turn. I swapped places with Brockers and following a chat with Jon went up onto the ledge to start getting some of the bags out of the pot and stashed ready to be moved further along the passage later.

Brockers filled his quota of 20 bags plus a ‘bonus’ pack and swapped places with Jon who proceeded to fill his 20 bags. Brockers came up to the ledge and I returned to the pot to haul filled bags up to him. Eventually, all quotas filled, the bags were moved out of the cave and emptied onto the spoil heap. The final count, 83 bags plus one rock. Below ground there is an increasing stockpile of rock awaiting removal and there were quite a few rocks added to that pile today.

A warm pedal up the Old Bristol Road in the sunshine and welcome refreshments in the Hunter’s Lodge Inn with the team. It had been a good and productive session.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist