25th June

With Brockers and Jake

The last men standing apparently. Anyway, stock to the 20-bag/person quota and got on with it. Me, Jake, and Brockers, respectively, filled bags, cleared them away hauled them up to the ledge and dragged them along towards the entrance. Jake managed to eventually entice a large lump of calcite out of the dig-face and proceeded to roll it along the passage until he decided to reduce it to more manageable pieces with the sledge hammer. All bag quotas filled, rocks were left for another day, we moved the filled bags along to the entrance, hauled them out of the cave to empty the contents onto the spoil heap. A good session.

Disappointingly, the Hunter’s Lodge Inn was not open today due to people attending the Pilton pop show! Cycled up to the crossroads and kept going onwards to home.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist