16th July

With Jake, Brockers, Duncan, and Nick

Me and Jake down in the deep Soft South forging ahead along the NE passage, Brockers on the ledge, Duncan at the bottom of the entrance, Nick on the surface. Following the set quota of 20 bags per number of participants, a total of 100 bags were filled, hauled, and emptied. At the dig face the mornings progress was noticeable, some very tiny spaces at roof level were noted, these probably the result of sediment settlement over time but, interesting all the same.

Exited the cave to some very warm sunshine. It was not really a great surprise to find that Nick had not only hauled out the filled bags but had emptied them too. He did say the biting flies were not too much of an issue – probably too dry and hot for them.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist