23rd July

With Jon, Jake, Nick, and Duncan

Good to see Jon back again. Four of us (Jon, Jake, Nick, and me) set-off from the farm, arrived at the cave, decided on an 80-bag total (20 bags per person) for the session and headed underground. Nick and Jake digging along the NE passage, me on the ledge, Jon at the entrance. A couple of bags had been filled and moved along the line when Duncan arrived (we didn’t make a readjustment in bags to filled quota for one reason or another). Duncan swapped places with Jon in the entrance (Jon went up to the surface) and soon the status quo was restored.

Things were progressing steadily when word came from the dig-face that a “hole” had opened – “rabbit-sized” with a draught. Work continued. Nick and Jake swapping places after each filling 20-bags. The filled bags were flowing along at a steady rate and no skip capsizes around the awkward bend. After 60-bags had been filled, Nick came up to the ledge so that I could do some digging. The “hole” at the top of a steep, awkward slope had been enlarged a bit and was looking very enticing. Work continued to expand the access upslope towards the “hole” and eventually it was large enough to wriggle through. This was made easier by Jake who had the foresight to get the short ladder stashed at the top of the pot to stand on. The “hole” led to a small space with abundant root growth and a partially sediment-filled phreatic tube, c.1m dia., trending c.NE. It’s not ‘Trick or Treat’ as expected (although it might lead quickly to it) but appears to be something in between. It might be worth trying to establish an aural connection between the top of the NE passage and the end of ‘Trick or Treat’ at sometime in the near future. It is clear that there is still plenty of digging to be done to open better access into the space and so gain more understanding of where things are going.

Unfortunately, the digging team will be a bit depleted during August as Jake, Duncan, and me, have other commitments to fulfil. Although I am sure that the rest of the team will be perfectly happy beavering away in the deep Soft South. Happy days!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist