27th August

I’ve been away for the last few weeks cycling from John o’Groats to Land’s End with Roz. Leaving John o’Groats on 1st August (after cycling there from Wick) and arriving at Land’s End 20 day’s later on 20th August, about 08:45 on a Saturday morning. We were disappointed when arriving at Penzance Rail Station to find industrial action had resulted in all trains being cancelled. Booked into the nearby Premier Inn and caught a very busy train home on Sunday morning. Distance cycled c.2045km (c.1270 miles) with c.20,340m climbed over 20 days.

John o’Groats

While we were pedalling digging continued at Hallowe’en Rift, but no reports of the activities have been forthcoming…yet.

With Brockers, Jon, Tav, and Jake

I started to get changed ready to go digging when I realised that I had left my caving helmet and light at home and had no spare light in the van. Thankfully, Brockers saved me a trip back home and lent me his spare light and a helmet he had in his van.

Me and Jon down in the deep Soft South along the NE passage digging, Brockers on the ledge, Tav at the entrance, Jake on the surface. Progress had been good during my absence, always easier to follow along some open space, and so it continued today. Initially we could peer over the top of the sediment for a couple, maybe three, metres ahead. By the end of the session, we had reached this point and were looking around the corner at a continuing partially sediment-filled phreatic tube, and could over the sediment, perhaps another three metres or so. So, plenty more digging to be done yet. There is a large boulder part way along the dig, and I’ve been contemplating reducing it in size with plugs and feathers.

About 80 bags filled and emptied (by Jake) plus quite a few skip-loads of rocks. Good to be back digging.

Report by Tav:

20.08.2022Jake, Mike, Jon, Brockers, Duncan, Tav and five million flies

115 bags removed. Duncan updated the survey.”

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