5th September


Lugged the drill and other stuff (plugs & feathers, etc.) up across the field to the cave. Initially, I was accompanied by sheep, they must have thought I had food.

Arrived at the boulder part-way along the passage approaching the dig-face and set about reducing the large rock to more manageable pieces. When the reduction had been completed the pieces were rolled back down the slope to the lower section of the NE passage and added them to the step-up to the elevated section. Unfortunately, when the boulder had been removed it revealed there is more rock in-situ, this might have to remain. Also, had battery power remaining so broke another boulder lurking around at the bottom of the pot. It’s therapeutic working alone in the cave, although on the odd occasion there is an unexplained feeling that you are not alone. Funny thing sound when you are alone in a cave.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist