10th September

With Jon, Brockers, Jake, and Tav

Me and Jon were digging today following the NE passage ‘to wurdles eþel’ in the deep Soft South, Brockers was transporting the filled bags back to the pot and hauling them up to the ledge. Tav was on the ledge unloading the bags from the bucket and transferring them to the skip hauled away by Jake at the entrance, where the filled bags were temporarily being stored.

I wormed my way along the top of the partially sediment-filled tube to see what, if anything, might be revealed, while Jon widened the approach to ease the passage of skips/bags/spoil I the future. Every now and then Brockers felt the urge to have a little dig and prod at a rock. There is plenty of room for digging and plenty of options to choose from too. At the end of the session no conclusion was reached just that there is still lot’s of stuff to dig out.

The digging came to a natural pause and at this point, we made the decision to exit the cave and empty the bags onto the spoil heap (100-bags were added to the heap). Job done, the team re-convened at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn for a de-brief and refreshments.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist