17th September

With Brockers, Nick, Jon, and Mike

Started the session with a small team, no matter. Brockers and Nick upfront digging, Jon was moving the filled bags back to the pot. The bags were hauled up to the ledge where I unloaded the bucket and carried the filled bags along the passage back towards the entrance. About 20 bags had been dragged along the passage when Mike turned up, an extra pair of hands would make things much easier (for me, anyway).

The session continued until about 90 bags had been filled and the decision was made to clear-out the cave. While the rest of the team started to haul and empty the bags, I set off to Trick or Treat and Nick returned to the dig in the Soft South. The plan was to find out if we could establish a voice connection between the two passages – the outcome; we could not make any connection. We returned via our respective route to join the others and clear the cave.

Refreshments, for some of us, were taken at the Hunter’s.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist