24th June

Report by Jon

“Four team members (Tav, Jake, Nick and Jon) arrived at the farm on a hot morning. Jon forgot the key……but so did everyone else, and they went up the hill first. Brockers met the team at the dig, having arrived on foot.

After a short delay to retrieve the key, the team ventured into the cool underground. Nick dug, supported by Tav. Brockers did the haul and carry to the pot. Jon worked the ledge and Jake initially stacked at the entrance. As has become common practice, when 20 or so bags reached the bottom of the entrance, Jon and Jake moved up a position and Jake hauled them to the surface. It was hot on the surface; there were insects.This week differed from usual in terms of the bag count. Tav dispatched batches of bags using a regular, non-prime count. Six bags were returned in each batch except the last, where an extra one appeared. We presume this was the result of a tidying up exercise.Six is a perfect number.The team removed 109 bags of spoil. The dig front remains spacious.

This week the Hunter’s was closed. The team retired to the spoil heap for liquid refreshment and discussion of the important matters of the day. A submarine disaster at the site of the Titanic and War in Eastern Europe were soon covered and the conversation moved from Vladimir Putin to such luminaries as Chalkie White and Bernard Manning. Brockers demonstrated a new feature on his mobile phone.Tav’s recent retirement was also covered. He is regularly walking the Dorset coast path and his observations about other coast path walkers were tempered only by the fact that Vince is currently walking the entire South West coast path. As expected, the discussion then turned to serial killers and the opportunities that await Tav in his retirement.”

Jake returned the key.

… Tav commented

“It should be said that when I suggested that serial killers always seemed to be relatively anonymous quiet types we all automatically looked at Jon, while Brockers attempts to converse with his telephonic device in an Indian accent must count as one of the more surreal Hallowe’en moments. I blame the heat and the clegs of which, thanks to the maniacal zeal and commitment of Jake, are now considerably fewer in number.”

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist