1st July

Report by Jon:

“After the previous week’s disruption, Tav, Jon and Nick once again met at the Hunter’s. Tav passed the observation test and then Nick drove the others to the farm on what threatened to be a damp morning. Jake and Paul made up the team for the day.

Jake remembered the key.

Tav dug, focusing on the left hand side of the dig face. Paul supported Tav; Jon managed the ‘haul and shuttle’. The walk across from the pot is now very sticky. Two bags of spoil were created purely from the scrapings from Jon’s wellies. Jake worked on the ledge; Nick stacked at the entrance and moved up to the surface at intervals to haul.

The pile of rocks that had grown up near to the front of the dig was also removed. Jon made a start at moving the main rock pile back to the pot. Otherwise there is little to report…

…except that there were unconfirmed reports of digging in a restricted area. Investigations are ongoing.

100 bags of spoil were removed in total. Jake replaced the key, witnessed by Jon. The team then retired to the Hunter’s for liquid refreshment.”

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist