19th August

With Jon, Jake, and Nick

Down to a team of four this weekend. No problem. Nick upfront digging, Jon clearing the filled bags away, Jake on the shuttle and haul along the NE passage, and I was up on the ledge unloading the skip and dragging the bags along to the bottom of the entrance.

Before the digging got underway in earnest, I went to have a quick look at where last weeks connection to Trick or Treat actually came in. That established, returned, and after a brief chat with Nick made my way back to assume my position on the ledge. It was a full-on session with a rapid succession of filled bags moving through the cave, some were stored at the base of the entrance, and a second temporary stockpile accrued in the pot as the flow of bags caused a backlog.

At around midday the digger(s) upfront ran out of empty bags and had to come back. The next task was to clear the filled bags from the cave and empty them onto the spoil heap. Today’s total = 85 bags.

To the Hunter’s Lodge Inn for refreshments.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist